Tack till alla våra samarbetspartners och sponsorer!

Vi till rikta ett stort tack till alla våra samarbetspartners som gjorde det möjligt att genomföra första upplagan av Wasa Fastlane!

Tack till Vasa Stad som trodde på vår idé och tillät oss att ordna loppet på det vackra området kring Sandö, Inre Hamnen och Vasklot. Tack för bokpaketen som de tre snabbaste löparna tilldelades. Tack för de ekologiska tygpåsarna som delades ut till de alla tuffa deltagarna.

Tack till Fritid och kultur från Korsholms kommun för gott samarbete och utlåning av hinder och redskap.

Tack till Wasa Up och Folkhälsan Norrvalla för det ständiga stödet. Utan er hade Wasa Fastlane bl.a. innehållit betydligt färre utmanande hinder. 

Tack till IF Femman som gjorde det möjligt för oss att testa något nytt i ett OCR lopp och använda emitbrickor. 

Tack till Team Nordic Trail som bl.a. bidrog med god stämning och kämparglöd till löparna. 

Tack till Aurora Tandläkarna (Annette Prost, Eva Ollikainen/ Dentikainen och Sofia Kock/ Auxilia) för presentkorten på tandputs som snabbaste manliga och kvinnliga deltagare tilldelades. 


Tack till alla de som generöst bidragit med målgångsvinster till alla löpare:

Vasa Stad, Dermosil, Närpes Grönsaker, Wasa Up, Weekend Snacks och Drivkraft. 


Dessutom ett stort tack till alla frivilliga funktionärer och till Team OCR Drivkraft som hjälpte till före, under och efter loppet.




Wasa FastLane 13.6.2020


Wasa Fastlane is a brand new race, located in the beautiful parks and islands of Vaasa City.

This race will set you in a real physical and mental test, with 7 km running and various obstacles in the beautiful parts of Vaasa city. Explore the nature at Vasklot and Hietasaari islands and enjoy the views at the old Mill.

Be prepared to be unprepared, navigate from obstacle to obstacle, through different terrains and landscape.

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Before race

When and where do I pick up the timingchip?
Please bring ID with you when you collect your envelope/chip, at the latest 1 hour before start.
Race HQ is in the center of Hietasaari / Sandö (Hietsku).
More info, click here: FIN,  SWE:  ENG:

Am I insured by the organizer for the race?
No, you participate at your own risk. Please check your insurance so it is valid for this kind of race. We recommend that you buy an own accident insurance.

Where can I change my clothes?
There is limited places for changing clothes. At the beach you will find open booths for that purposes. The beachside cafe building has changing rooms and showers.

The grip obstacles are wet or slippery? I wan´t a better grip?
At Wasa Up you can find really good gloves for this purpose. You will fly like a ninja by using them.

The beachside cafe building has toilet facilities for men and women.

During Race

What if…

I can’t or are able to complete an obstacle?
Take the penalty round and then continue the race
*elite has their own specific rules

I can’t swim?
Take the penalty round and then continue the race

I don’t know what penalty round means?
If you are unable to finish or wish to skip an obstacle, you do the penalty round. At Hietasaari/Sandö the penalty round is 1 additional lap around the island. 

At other obstacles outside ”Hietsku” there will be specific marked penalty rounds. 

My friend helps me out at an obstacle?
As long as its safe and you don’t interfere or block other participants, it is okay to help each other out. Remember, to have fun is the most important thing in this race.

I don’t find the next obstacle?
Run back to previous obstacle and ask for advice from race organisers.
The obstacles are placed in: Hietsku, Wasklot and the City lane.

I don’t find the control point?
The control point is attached to the obstacle, in connection to a red flag. 

Find it and do an electronic punching. You need to have your timechip 20 cm from the electronic punching unit. You have been registered when the unit blinks.

Read the instructions about where next obstacle is located and continue the race.

NOTICE: All obstacles will not have the electronic punching unit. 

I throw garbage (paper, bottles etc) in the nature?
You don´t. Let’s keep the environment clean and mother earth happy.

After Race

Are there any showers?
Yes, but limited capacity. There is however a beach surrounded with nature’s own spa.

Where can I find the results?
Here. You will also find the link to EQ-timing from the facebook event “Wasa FastLane”